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Common commercial door fixes and when to replace them

Common commercial door fixes and when to replace them

When your commercial doors stop working, it can be a headache. Commercial doors are prone to specific types of challenges after years of wear and tear or improper installation. Here are some common commercial door repair needs and what they mean. 

Automatic doors 

Automatic commercial doors can have one or more of several issues, especially after years of use and high traffic. The first of those potential issues is damage or wear to your door’s hardware or hinges. Fortunately, replacing hardware and hinges for any door type is a reasonably straightforward fix. Be sure to talk to an expert to get the right parts installed fast.

Worn weather stripping is another common issue with automatic opening doors and other commercial door types. Weather stripping creates a tight seal between your doors and door frames. When weather stripping becomes worn over time, it can cause drafts, misalignment, and higher energy bills. Be sure to replace the weather stripping if you notice any of these issues. 

Corrosion caused by chemical ice melt, rust, or other corrosive substances can cause superficial and more profound damage to your doors. If left unrepaired, corrosion and rust can worsen over time. If you notice corrosion or rust on your door or hardware, consider replacing those parts. Otherwise, you could be compromising the integrity of your security system, the door's strength, and the first impression your business makes on the customer. 

Sometimes, bent frames can cause misalignment and compromise the efficacy of your lock system and the strength of your door. Bent frames can result from an accident or severe weather and should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the door and compromised security.  

Automatic door openers can sometimes experience power failures or censor issues. When your automatic doors aren’t functioning correctly but have no visible damage, it could be your automatic door opener system. Check with your manufacturer for guidance on replacing automatic opener sensors and parts.

When to replace your commercial doors 

Any damage to your door, door hardware, exit devices, or security system should be addressed immediately. Misalignment or doors that won’t lock properly are a threat to the safety and security of your business operations. 

When you notice whistling, drafts, higher energy costs, and gaps in your doors, seek a professional. These all indicate a misalignment or gap in your doors that will cost you more the longer you wait to address the issue. 

Lastly, having out-of-date safety equipment, including not having fire safety doors, means it’s time to upgrade. Fire safety doors drastically improve the safety of your building, and emergency exit devices are the standard for keeping your building safe.   

If you’re unsure whether you need a fire door upgrade, new exit device, or security system, get in touch with us. Our experts deliver the right part at the right time. All you have to do is get in touch and send a picture or details about your door hardware, lock, or security device needs.